Stories of Success

The Rising Phoenix offers you a place to connect and find community with other business owners.

Do you have a business story of shifting and rising from the ashes since January 2020? Tell us your change story here and we’ll get back with you as quickly as we can.

Bottlenecks To Solve

Do you have a great opportunity or an obstacle in your business that would benefit from Outside Eyes?

We’ll give you a couple minutes to share your opportunity or obstacle, then we’ll have the others on the call ask clarifying questions to make sure we understand the issue, and then we’ll rain on you with possible solutions. This will be one of the most powerful mastermind sessions you will ever experience. Share your opportunity or obstacle below and we’ll connect with you to see if it would work on the show. We will feature issues that we feel will be most helpful to other business owners.

Nominate A Friend

Do you know a business owner with a great story of rising from difficulty since January 2020, or who might have a bottleneck we could all help them solve?

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