Every day we are faced with opportunities, cleverly disguised as obstacles.

The Rising Phoenix Business Community is a place to find remarkable stories of thriving in the face of adversity by changing and adapting, and to find the right mindset to tackle your own obstacles. When the going is a little tough, most of us tend to withdraw. Let’s do it differently. Get involved in the Rising Phoenix Business community and start every week with resolve to be relentless, resilient, and ready to keep building results.

Leaders like the following are giving their time to this project because we all believe business leaders need community, and now more than ever. Please, come join us and help businesses innovate, respond, and adapt to the emerging work world of what we call The Participation Age.

Our Team Members

Chuck Blakeman

Chuck Blakeman is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and writer who built twelve businesses in eight industries on four continents. He and his companies, Crankset Group and 3to5 Club, help CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners make more money in less time and get off the treadmill.

Chuck speaks 50+ times a year globally. He is the author of Making Money Is Killing Your Business, the #1 rated business book of 2010, and Why Employees Are Always a Bad Idea, a top ten business book of 2014. His highly anticipated new book, Rehumanizing the Workplace (By Giving Everybody Their Brain Back), will be released in late 2020. He appears in Harvard Business Journal, Entrepreneur, CNNMoney.com, NYTimes.com. and weekly articles in Inc. Magazine.com.

Clients include Google, Apple, Microsoft, Johns Manville, Lilly, Sun Microsystems, and many smaller companies (his core passion) worldwide. Connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Sandy Corrigan

Sandy Corrigan is an author, coach, speaker, writer, singer, and lover of family and horses. Working in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, Sandy’s pioneering spirit has helped launch many organizations from the ground up. She has held leadership roles in the areas of organizational and people development, coaching and training.

Sandy was part of a team that implemented mentoring solutions for large distributed Fortune 500 Companies and spearheaded a complete turn around for a large real estate franchise. She assisted the product launch of several major cosmetic brands as a National Training Director.

Sandy and Thom are the Founders of Transformation Companies, LLC, providing real estate and coaching services.

As Chief Conation Officer, Sandy’s full time focus is now building 3to5 Clubs across the Denver area and recruiting small business owners and coaches to bring 3to5 Clubs to their cities across the globe.

Thom Corrigan

Thom has over 40 years of leadership, consulting and organizational development experience. He has a varied background that encompasses a wide variety of organizations and industries.

Prior to founding Transformation Companies, I was the vice-president of technology at a fast- growing web-ware company that offers mentoring solutions to Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies.

Previous to that I was the president of a training and publishing company and have taught leadership development nationally and internationally. We trained through classes, seminars and conferences over 50,000 people to lead and become persons of influence.

I am privileged to be a published author of five books and numerous articles on leadership, team building and mentoring.

Thom is married to the love of his life, Sandra. They have successfully raised four girls and have 4 incredible grand-children. Thom is an avid motorcyclist, horseman, reader and fancier of jazz and blues.

Scott Connors

People say Scott is a leader of leaders. By far one of our most successful Advisors. Having turned 80k companies into million-dollar community servicing enterprises and 15m into 90m, Scott’s approach to cultural transformation through process and leadership is unquestionably successful.

Padraig O

Padraig O’Hara

As a young man in Ireland, Padraig O’Hara worked in retail and went to marketing college at night. Over the years Padraign has opened and successfully run four businesses; one in retail, another in event management, a third owning and managing property, and a fourth in direct sales. Padraig had a large property portfolio which collapsed in 2008, as did most, after the Celtic Tiger went bust. He started a new business in 2015 and with the help of 3to5 Club, reached my Business Maturity Date last January.

Padraig is passionate about maximizing the positive impact of 3to5 Club throughout Europe.

John Hayes

John Hayes specializes in referral marketing and enjoys connecting business owners across the globe. He strongly believes that to build a business, being ‘resourceful’ is far more important than having money, and that there are always opportunities if you are willing to think outside the box.

In the middle of a downturn in Ireland he built a business from scratch with very few resources to 25 staff, 6 outlets and €3.5 million per annum.

Outside of business, John has a huge interest in helping his local community and is heavily involved in fundraising. He also set up a highly respected community page here for The Ferrybank Community where he resides in Waterford, Ireland.

John’s focus now is on building successful 3to5 Clubs in Waterford, Cork and Kilkenny and assisting other facilitators to serve business owners in cities throughout the world.

Connect with John on Facebook and LinkedIn.